ASP.NET MVC5: JQuery Form Validator


Form component is important piece of portion on any website that require data input from end-user. It could be account creation form, it could be feedback form or it could be any kind of information registration form etc. Since, the data require on forms are input by end-users, therefore, its responsibility of a web engineer to ensure that what kind of information end-user is allowed to register. So, here come, web form validation into play.

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ASP.NET MVC5: Rich Text (WYSIWYG) Editor

An interactive website requires interactive components in it for the target audience to interact in a more user friendly way. Getting long rich content kind of text from the target audience adds a responsibility towards the website to do half of the work for the user e.g. auto spell checker, allowing user to place inline images or links, content indentation etc. These features can be provided individually, but, it will become more cumbersome for the website developer to develop each and every single feature from scratch. For, such matter many amazing affordable rich text editor plugins are available for commercial use.

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ASP.NET MVC5: Password Meter Jquery Plugin Integration

In any product that is being developed, User interaction plays the most vital role in developing product perception for the target user. Like any other product, websites focus on improving both UI/UX is becoming vital and game changing. Improving a website interactivity can be done with two approaches i.e. 1) Traditional Approach that involves creating every aspect of the UI/UX from hand by yourself i.e. from graphics assets to Jquery base resources etc. This approach however, require a lot to time consumption that is mostly not suited in fast paced environment. 2)  Plugin Integration Approach is the second approach that involves integration of open source or commercially free to use licensed plugins as a component into your own website by of course tweaking the plugin according to one’s own need which is not a simple task but, not as time consuming as the traditional approach, but, still require intelligent effort to mold the open source plugin according to your choice of platform and need.

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