Windows Phone: Dynamic Tile Design Generation

Today, I shall be demonstrating the generation of a tile base (simple button) design dynamically in Windows Phone platform. At many times when the structure of system is very much consistent, then generally the choice will always be to generalize the code at maximum and that’s where dynamic coding is generally done. Today’s post is also somewhat of such scenario, when developers prefer to generalize their application design. I will be showing today that how can we generate the famous tile base design of Windows Phone platform dynamically.  Following are some prerequisites before you proceed any further in this tutorial.

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Android Studio: Installation & Project Creation

The new IDE is in town since 2013. There has been a lot of buzz around Android Studio since its release and release by release the IDE is improving and maturing. The IDE is still in BETA mode though, but, once you have started using it, you’ll most likely to never look back to Eclipse IDE for sure. The IDE is specific to Android development so, it has mature features for the development e.g. automated error detections & suggestions, intelliJ for tooltip helps and many more…..But, the most anticipated feature of this development studio is Drag & Drop UI/UX development feature which haven’t seen previously especially with eclipse (unless you have good UI/UX plugin of-course).

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